COVID-19: Accessing the club from April 12, 2021


Our gyms are coming to the end of an enforced government closure. The health and wellbeing of our members and team come first and we cannot wait to welcome you all back. The amount of support we have received from our customers during this tough time has been overwhelming and we are so thankful for all the messages.

1. Temperature Checks

We will be providing temperature checks on arrival for everyone’s safety. It will be contactless and will take less than 1 second by looking at a small wall-mounted device at reception. If your temperature checks out high, please don’t come in and train. Annoying, yes. But we’ve all got to look out for each other right now.


2. Shield Guards

Shield guards have been installed at reception to provide protection for all members, guests and staff.

3. Contactless

We’ll be encouraging all users to go cashless payments to avoid any unnecessary physical contact. We’ll also provide contactless check-in.

COVID Keep Distance 2-01-01.png
COVID Keep Distance 3.png

8. Hand Sanitisers

There will be numerous hand sanitiser stations throughout the club, and we’ll make sure you can’t miss them. Disinfectant spray will also be available for wiping down your equipment, kit and anything else that takes your fancy.


9. Changing Room Facilities

There will be a reduced number of showers and toilet facilities in use to help with social distancing. We encourage you to come to the gym changed where possible. Lockers will still be in use but please stick to social distancing in the changing room at all times.​


10. Cardio Areas

Some cardio equipment will be out of action to allow for social distancing. These will be clearly marked.


11. Respecting Social Distancing

There will be signage and floor markings across our clubs and studios to help guide everybody on social distancing. Our friendly team will be monitoring the gym floor too, to help with any questions you may have. 


12. Social Seating

We’re a social bunch but for the time being, there’ll be limited seating available in breakout areas to make it easier to stick to social distancing.

4. Cleaning Hours

We’ve increased our cleaning hours to make sure there’s more regular cleaning of changing rooms, gym floor and studios.


5. Gym Equipment

Gym equipment will be cleaned regularly throughout the day and we ask that every member does their bit by wiping down equipment before and after use, with the disinfectant spray provided.


6. Reduced Capacity

There will be reduced capacity in the gym and studios at any one time, to make sure we keep a safe space between members. Gym capacity will be reduced to help stick to official social distancing guidelines. If you are looking for a quiet time to train during gym time, we suggest you come during off peak hours.

7. Attending Classes

All group exercise classes are postponed until further notice to allow more floor space for members and users to train whilst maintaining social distance

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